The Upright Design with the Upright Materials

Upright Fence Co. has the skills and experience to construct and install any kind of residential, commercial, or industrial fence that you may need. We have a wide range of materials, including chain link, vinyl, wood, and more.

Since we have been installing fences since 2003, we have the experience to give you the beautiful and functional fence you deserve. Call or message us today for your free estimate!

Why Call Upright Fence?

Robert Frost said that “good fences make good neighbors.

Upright Fence is the only fully licensed fencing contractor in the Corriganville, MD area that offers a five-year warranty on workmanship included standard with every fence we install, no matter what type, from chain link, to vinyl, to wood.

Our polite and knowledgeable staff is here to assist you every step of the way, from selecting the proper materials to assessing your residential, commercial, or industrial property for the best placement of your fence. When it comes time to install your new fence or repair your existing one, we will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Why call us? Because we are the Upright choice!

The warranty does not cover damage caused by Acts of God; weather; incidental damage caused by vehicles, lawnmowers, etc. Nor does it cover damage that results from conditions natural or man-made that are out of our control. Warranty will be voided in any structural changes or alterations are made to the fence after installation. Failure to pay the invoice in full in accordance with the terms agreed upon voids any and all warranties.

Upright Designs Fences to Fit Every Need for Home or Business

The first question to ask when shopping for a new fence is “What does my new fence have to do?” After all, there are significant differences between an industrial perimeter fence and a residential privacy fence. Are you fencing something in, like an adorable pet? This calls for a chain link boundary fence. Do you want to keep your kids safe around the swimming pool? This sounds like a wrought iron situation.

Once you have determined your fence’s purpose, it is time to bring in the professionals. This is when to call Upright Fence Co. for your free estimate at (301) 707-5874.

Upright Fence Co. Fencing Options: Function

  • Acoustic/Noise-Cancelling
  • Agricultural
  • Boundary
  • Decorative
  • Perimeter
  • Privacy
  • Swimming Pool
  • Temporary Construction Panels
  • Tennis Courts and Recreational Areas

Upright Fence Co. Fencing Options: Materials

Chain Link


Post and Rail


Color Coated Chainlink


Why Call Upright Fence?

Upright Fence Co. is the only fencing contractor in the Corriganville, MD area to offer a five-year warranty on every fence we install. This means that you can rest easy; secure in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, we will be there to fix it. After the first five years, of course, you can still call us.

No matter what your residential, commercial, or industrial-grade fence needs to stay beautiful and functional, we can handle it, from fence repair to new fence installation.